Ruth Astle


Ruth Astle was working at Lloyds Banking Group when the firm’s charity donation to the 2013 London Triathlon got her a spot in the event – and sparked a major change in her life. She enjoyed the race enough to join her local tri club. She then set her sights on a first-place Age Grouper finish at the Kona World Championships, which she achieved in 2019. Ruth has been a professional triathlete since 2020, and still works two days a week for Lloyds. Ruth's strength is the bike, and she holds two bike course records at Ironman Florida and Ironman Mallorca.

Her top achievements are a 5th at the St George World Championships in 2021, and finishing 2022 ranked 19th in the world. While her 2023 season was marred by injury, she has set her sights on a podium at the Ironman World Championships for 2024.

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