At Eurobike 2016, Argon 18 unveiled a concept bike featuring an integrated aero sensor that gathered real-world ride data, and for athletes, offered a way to maximise aerodynamic efficiency without ever stepping foot into a wind tunnel. While the cycling press quickly dubbed it a ‘smart bike,’ the Notio became much more: a stand-alone on-the-bike aero sensor that measured drag, and the perfect training tool to get more speed with the same watts.

Drag is the biggest obstacle limiting cyclists’ speed. Knowing how to limit drag – by optimizing fit, components, and equipment – used to be the exclusive realm of pros and manufacturers. No more. With the Notio, athletes can understand and limit resistance – no wind tunnel needed. By measuring Coefficient of Aerodynamic Drag (CdA) with several on-bike sensors (a speed sensor, accelerometer, pitot tube and powermeter) and uploading ride data to the Notio app, they can modify the factors affecting resistance to gain free speed.

Our ambassadors have gone on to smash records and confirm the advantages of regular real-world testing using the Notio. In 2019, upstart track team Huub Wattbike took on established trade teams – and won multiple titles. In 2020, the Danish Cycling Federation crushed the men's team pursuit world record. Both teams rode Argon 18 and were powered by Notio, and both worked with the device to ride faster. Argon 18’s pro triathletes have also used Notio to help dial in their optimal position and to evaluate their on-board nutrition and hydration solutions.

Today Argon 18 remains focused on creating aerodynamic, performance frames while Notio is committed to providing access to data to optimise athlete performance. The collaborative development and sharing of expertise between the two companies results in combined industry-leading aero expertise and allows us to give our riders the right tools to enhance their ride.

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