Engineered for cycling's most aggressive riders.

Olympic Champions, World Champions, record holders: Argon 18 track bikes are the choice of leading Federations around the globe. These bikes respond to the unique conditions of the track: microsecond aero advantage, category-leading stiffness, and safety tests up to 3x ISO standards.

Our track riders are, simply put, the most powerful riders out there. That means our track bikes respond to the explosive moves, monstrous watts, and sharp handling these riders throw at them, and put them exactly where they need to be – first at the line.

Electron Pro TKO

Record breaker

With its revolutionarily aero front profile, optimized tube shapes and aggressive geometry, the Electron Pro is designed to optimize every possible advantage and grab every fraction of a second.

Electron Pro RIO

Top contender

Engineered for the world's fastest riders, the Electron Pro Pursuit lives for maximum intensity - with minimum drag - offering the perfect balance of aero precision and exceptional power transfer.


Leisure & training

Legendary on the track; legal on the street. Velodrome performance and street cred packed into one lean and mean machine.

Track Life

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Road to Paris with Kelsey Mitchell