Road Race

Precision aerodynamics, lightweight layup, and powerful stiffness.

Speed Engineered

Our road lineup features our most advanced layup and technologies to get you to the front of the group and keep you there. Built for speed and efficiency, our rider-oriented design approach ensures a ride experience that is both rooted and responsive, with precision handling to give you the split-second advantage the road calls for.

An Argon 18 road cyclist is looking for maximum performance: lightweight road bikes with full aero advantage.

We know you also expect the bike to keep pace with the latest and most reliable components, and keep you at the front of the pack with geometry and power transfer fit for the toughest KOMs. From classic road style to Classics champion speed, Argon’s family of road bikes delivers.

Sum Pro

From climbs to crits

Quiver-killer? You want more than that. From the climbs to the crits, you’ll accept no compromises in aero performance, lightweight advantage, and flat-out, bunch sprint handling.


From climbs to crits

Own the season: the Sum will get you ahead on the climbs, keep you there on the flats, and power you through the sprints.

Gallium CS Disc


All the engineering knowledge of our pro-level bikes, in a more accessible package. The Gallium CS will let you make your mark on those long training days, or jockeying for rank in the group.

Road Life