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We no longer produce print copies of our catalogue. Argon 18 is a company that encourages an eco-friendly approach to print materials. Accordingly, all of our catalogues can be downloaded as PDFs here. For complete information on our current lineup, please see our Bikes page.

Only our authorized retailers have access to a full price list. Please visit one of our retailers for more information about the prices and benefits of our products. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here.

We do not sell our frames directly from our headquarters. Please visit one of our authorized retailers for assistance regarding all of our products. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here.

A good fit is the basis for a good ride. Your local retailer is the best source for an accurate and professional fitting service. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here. Please also have a look at the sizing chart.

Please bring your bike to your local authorized retailer. Your retailer will assess the problem, and if it is covered under our warranty policy, they will communicate with us about the procedure. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here.

You can register your bike here. You can also register your bike through the authorized retailer where you bought it. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here.

Only the original owner is covered by our warranty.

Our warranty is only applicable if you buy a bike through an authorized Argon 18 retailer. Some of our retailers do sell our products online. You can find the list of our authorized retailers here.

All of our bikes are designed to provide riders of all heights, shapes and sizes (men or women) with consistent performance and optimal ergonomics. This geometry fulfills two objectives:

  • To ensure optimized handling in frames of every size.
  • To maintain well-balanced ergonomics in frames of every size.

This approach means we don't produce women's-specific frames, but focus on providing the best fit for all riders.

You can go to the Events page of our website for further info about our demo rides, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date on our events. You can also contact your local dealer for information on local demo events.

Please visit your local authorized retailer. You will find the list of our authorized retailers here.

While we understand that frameset weight is one way that riders evaluate bike choice, we feel a published weight is not always a helpful comparison tool. Weights vary greatly between manufacturers (inclusion of small parts, integration, paint, size of frame, etc.) and manufacturing discrepancies mean that a published weight is, at best, an average or general indicator. The manufacturing process of a carbon bicycle frame is composed of many steps, and each one incrementally adds possible variation: cutting the composite plies, placing them by hand on a mandrel, curing, surface preparation and painting are affected by machine or human precision. That makes a certain degree of manufacturing variance inevitable.

Also, for many weight-focused riders, choice of wheelset and components is a much more decisive factor in lightweight performance. If weight is a key factor in your decision-making, we strongly suggest having your local shop weigh the build you are interested in, for a more accurate picture of the weight you’ll be handling on the road or trail.

Weight is one of a spectrum of performance benchmarks we use in our engineering process. Things like ride quality, stiffness and power transfer, and the aero profile of our tube shapes are equally – and often more – important. A bike designed for the comfort and handling of all-day, all-road conditions is going to have frame weight as one of several performance benchmarks, optimised to meet the goals for that riding experience. We also focus on usability and real-world riding – which means integrating in-frame toolkits and other storage options, extra water bottle mounts, fender mounts, connectivity protocols and other design elements that respond to what really happens on your ride.

Most important of all is safety. All of our frames are tested rigorously to be sure they perform above and beyond ISO standards. That means we’re not taking any risks to hit the lowest possible weight target. Ultimately, our focus is on delivering bikes that prioritise performance, connectivity and safety, and deliver unmatched rider experience. Our engineering benchmarks are always set – and met – based on the unique experience provided by each of our models.

There is no weight limit for our frames. Your best fit depends on the individual bike, as each of our bikes have different properties. Our authorized dealers will be able to suggest different bikes depending on your preferences.

We are always looking for motivated and creative people! Please see our careers page for current openings.