Quiver-killer? You want more than that. From the climbs to the crits, you’ll accept no compromises in aero performance, lightweight advantage, and flat-out, bunch sprint handling.

All Together Faster

Meet the best of the best: aero to match the Nitrogen, pure road performance to match the Gallium Pro, with race-ready handling and premium ride quality. The all-new Sum Pro features our most advanced layup and technologies to get you to the front of the group and keep you there, through the climbs, the corners, and the sprints.




Draft Deflecting Fork Blades




D-Shaped Seatpost & Integrated Seatpost Clamp

The Sum Pro in action

Technology Sum Pro

3D System

Get the best fit window without compromising the safety, steerer stiffness, or looks of your bike with Argon 18's 3D Technology.

Road Race Geometry

Our road race geometry is designed around the razor-sharp reflexes and precision handling required for racers of all levels.

Topological Compliance System

Proprietary design method to offer exceptional vertical compliance and dampened road-induced vibrations while retaining maximum stiffness.
Each bike model featuring TCS technology was individually analysed to optimize frame topology and carbon layup.

Argon Fit System

Argon 18's fit system offers size-specific geometries to provide optimal performance and positioning for all sizes, guaranteeing no rider left behind.

Pro Level Layup

We leave no room for compromise when we build bikes for the most demanding and passionate cyclists.

Sum Pro Life

Athletes, Stories, #ThisIsMyRide

My Road to the Summit with Emil Holm

What the
media say

"Undeniably fast, Impressively rapid acceleration, great handling."

"The Sum Pro is an uncompromisingly sporty race machine - and more than “just” an aero model. It is agile, stiff, smooth-running and sensibly equipped."

"The Sum Pro boasts the type of refined ride characteristics that any performance-oriented rider would need."

"I’ve been very impressed with the Sum Pro’s turn of speed and predictable but sharp handling."

"An uncompromising race bike with a sporty position, agile handling, and high-quality features."

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