3D System

The perfect mix of handling, stiffness, and integration

Get the best fit window without compromising the safety, steerer stiffness, or looks of your bike with Argon 18's 3D Technology.

Larger fit window

The 3D System is an integrated solution that extends the headtube for a wider range of positioning options. The handlebar’s stack height can be perfectly adjusted to meet the needs and preferences of every rider.
Offering a larger fit window, the 3D System has up to 3 head tube extension heights for every frame size.
0mm to 25mm w/ rider on the handlebar to see the posture

No loss of stiffness

By raising the top bearing instead of adding spacers, there’s no loss of headtube stiffness as compared to traditional spacers, offering precision handling in any position.

Clean looks

Streamlined design with custom 3D caps for each extension height. Serious attention to detail that provides clean cosmetics.