Road Race or Road Trip: Your Choice.

Speed for any surface

Take the long way home: The most versatile bike in our lineup, the Krypton keeps your legs fresh over any distance and any surface. With increased tire clearance, a downtube storage compartment to carry tools and gear, and shorter chain stays, the Krypton offers a more reactive and responsive ride, from pure tarmac to off-piste. Steady on the rough, sharp on the smooth, and flat out fast over the long haul, the new Krypton is a refined ride for any road.








T47 BB


Up to 40C Tire Clearance

The Krypton in action

Technology Krypton

3D System

Get the best fit window without compromising the safety, steerer stiffness, or looks of your bike with Argon 18's 3D Technology.

Integrated Toolkit

Innovative layup design allowing access to tube space for integrated equipment and nutrition storage.

Endurance Geometry

Our endurance geometry offers a stable and comfortable ride with a relaxed rider position, while keeping true to our performance heritage.

Topological Compliance System

Proprietary design method to offer exceptional vertical compliance and dampened road-induced vibrations while retaining maximum stiffness.
Each bike model featuring TCS technology was individually analysed to optimize frame topology and carbon layup.

Argon Fit System

Argon 18's fit system offers size-specific geometries to provide optimal performance and positioning for all sizes, guaranteeing no rider left behind.

Elite Level Layup

We believe the discerning cyclist deserves more than just trickle-down technology. Our Elite level bikes benefit from the same attention to detail as our Pro level ones.

Krypton Life

What the
media say

"The compact riding position results in a superbly balanced ride, making you feel at home aboard the bike from the get-go. The steering is easy and intuitive, making the Krypton light-footed and fun to ride."

"I’m impressed by the speed, comfort, and easy-going, ready-for-anything nature of the Argon 18 Krypton."

"Despite the stiff frame, the ride comfort is quite high and the equipment is very well thought out."

"A loyal companion for long rides. Despite the comparatively sporty position, the Argon 18's comfortable and stable frame is primarily responsible for this."

"Compared to the other all-road racers, we like the lively, agile character that guarantees riding fun."

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