Project Echelon


Project Echelon’s mission is to educate, equip, and empower US veterans and their communities through physical activity and self-discovery. A non-profit organization, Project Echelon empowers veterans through opportunities to train and compete, and be part of the larger cycling community. In 2023, the organization used professional cycling as a vehicle to serve over 550 veterans, removing barriers to healing by fostering relationships between veterans, their communities, and professional athletes through mentorship, structure, and the promotion of long-term health and wellbeing through endurance sport.

The Project Echelon Elite Racing team serves as the public face of Project Echelon. Racing at the UCI Continental level, the team’s motivation is to use their talents to shine a positive light on the veteran community. In 2023, the team was the KOM competition winner at Challenge Mallorca Trofeo Calvia, defended their GC overall title at the Redlands Bicycle Classic, and with 14 UCI victories, was ranked a top 100 UCI team globally. In 2024, the team is looking to firmly establish Project Echelon as North America's premier domestic and international UCI Continental team, with a focus on the top spots at the US Pro Road National Championships and proving their mettle in the UCI European peloton.

Career Highlights