#ThisIsMyRide Podcast - Bike Stories by Argon 18

Welcome to our This Is My Ride - Bike Stories by Argon 18 podcast series, where we match up our professional athletes with their friends, mentors, competitors and heroes, for a conversation about training, living, racing… and enjoying the ride!

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Episode 11

Host: Mark Beaumont

Guests: Ana Orenz

Date: December 2nd 2021

Two top endurance athletes talk about miles, milestones, memories, and.... wild boars?

For this podcast, Mark Beaumont is joined by Ana Orenz. They discuss everything: endurance cycling, personal goals, where they came from and what they are aiming for. And it was inevitable they would talk about Ana's terrible accident and her return to cycling.

Really an inspiring discussion – enjoy listening!

Episode 10

Host: Ed Collins, Argon 18

Guests: Joss Lowden & Ashton Lambie

Date: November 2nd 2021

In this podcast, Ed Collins welcomes Joss Lowden and Ashton Lambie who have both just broken World Records. Joss is the new world record holder for the women's hour, having done 48.405km in one hour! Ashton is the first to break the 4km under 4 minutes barrier with a time of 3:59:930!

These are two incredible athletes who have achieved equally incredible feats and we had the chance to talk with them about the path to their success.


Episode 09

Host: Heather Jackson

Guest: Sean "Wattie" Watkins

Date: July 28th 2021

In this podcast, Heather Jackson hosts none other than her husband Sean "Wattie" Watkins. If you follow Heather, you know who Wattie is, but do you really know? Learn more about his BMX and MTB background and who led him to triathlon with Heather.

It's always interesting to get to know someone you already know well. Even Heather learned a few things by interviewing her own spouse!

Have a great listen!

Episode 08

Host: Heather Campbell

Guest: Martin Faubert, Jean-François Boivin and Joffrey Renaud

Date: June 21st 2021

In this podcast, we chat with the design team behind the new E-119 Tri+ Disc. You’ll meet Martin Faubert (VP Product), Jean-François Boivin (Senior Mechanical Engineer) and Joffrey Renaud (Quality Director) as they talk about everything that goes into developing a new triathlon bike.

It’s impressive how much teamwork it takes to bring a major project like the E-119 Tri+ Disc to fruition.

Enjoy listening!

Episode 07

Host: Michelle Vesterby

Guest: Hailey Aurora Manning

Date: June 7th 2021

Being a mom and racing Ironman: Michelle Vesterby and Hailey Aurora Manning talk about motherhood in the world of high-level competition. Both triathletes are regulars at Kona and both are raising young children while pursuing their athletic careers.

How to reconcile training, competition, pregnancy and the return to sport after childbirth? The answers are in this podcast!

Enjoy 😊

Episode 06

Host: Thue Herager - Sales Director Argon 18 Europe

Guest: Alexander West - Synergy ProTraining

Date: May 20th 2021

In this podcast, our European Sales Director, Thue Herager, interviews Alexander West, a bike fitter in Berlin. Together they discuss the bike industry in 2021, specifically in Europe. They also talk about the importance of the experience when buying a bike.

We hope you enjoy it!

Episode 05

Host: Craig Alexander

Guest: Chrissie Wellington

Date: May 22nd 2021

In this podcast, Craig "Crowie" Alexander hosts his longtime friend, former professional triathlete and four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Chrissie Wellington. Together they talk about how world-class athletes tackle post-competition life.

It's a very interesting conversation that offers a different perspective on an athlete's career. Have a good listen!

Episode 04

Host: Sam Long

Guest: Kenny Withrow

Date: March 5th 2021

In this podcast, Sam and Kenny have a very interesting discussion about branding, social media, and the importance of storytelling for a professional athlete.




Episode 03

Host: Martin Le Sauteur (CEO of Argon 18)

Guest: Albert Cabbad (CEO of R&A Cycles)

Date: April 12th 2021

Today it's a very special podcast because we have Albert Cabbad (CEO of R&A Cycles) in a conversation with Martin Le Sauteur (CEO of Argon 18) about the bike industry in 2021.

While there's been a huge boom in cycling over the past year of lockdowns, that hasn't come without its challenges. Let’s listen to how bike shops and bike manufacturers are handling those challenges and opportunities.

*This podcast is available in English only, but we also spoke in French with Jean-François Thivierge (owner of Cadence Bike Shop) about the same topic. You can listen to it here.

Episode 02

Host: Eric Hill (from Project Echelon)

Guest: Aaron Hunnel

Date: March 29th, 2021

In this episode, Eric Hill, president and co-founder of Project Echelon as well as team director of the elite cycling team Project Echelon Racing, welcomes veteran Aaron Hunnel to talk about their efforts on the Ride 2 Stop Suicide.

We think it’s a very inspiring conversation, and hope you enjoy listening!

You can follow @projectechelonracing for more information and to support the cause.

Episode 01

Host: Amélie Kretz

Guest: Alex Sereno

Date: March 15th, 2021

In this episode, Argon 18 triathlete Amélie Kretz chats with her friend and coach Alex Sereno about cycling, coffee, entrepreneurship - and triathlon, of course! Amélie was in Clermont, Florida, having just finished a race, and Alex was in Montreal, Quebec, at Café Barista.

Note that this episode is available in French only.