Chris Hall


Chris Hall is a UK-based adventure and ultra-distance cyclist, known for completing extreme and unique challenges, often for charity. Chris is a two-time top-ten finisher in the National 24 Hour Time Trials, and holds the British and European under 30 24hr distance records. Taking on every surface from road to trails, his love of offbeat challenges first brought him major attention in 2016 with the 107 for 107: cycling 107km for 107 days straight, during the winter, while balancing a full-time job. This was a fundraising effort for the PACE Centre, a charity for 107 children with motor-based disorders such as cerebral palsy. Since then, Chris has taken on Badlands 3 times, the Silk Road Mountain Race, and many other self-supported endurance challenges. He’s also cycled across the UK, again as a charity fundraiser, and across Australia in 20 days.

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