Anne Reischmann


Anne Reischmann is a professional triathlete from Ravensburg, Germany, now living in Winterthur, Switzerland. She studied teaching at the University of Konstanz before transitioning into triathlon full-time. She has been a professional triathlete with the Hep Sports Team since 2019, with coach Reto Brändli. Formerly an elite track and field athlete, Anne was German U23 Vice Champion for 5,000 meters in 2013.

Highlights of her career include three 10th place finishes at the 70.3 IM World Championships and a 2nd place at Ironman Portugal in 2023, which secured her a place at the 2024 Ironman World Championships in Nice - which will be her main focus for 2024.

Anne Reichsmann PTO Argon 18

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