Team Uno-X Carl Ras Roskilde Junior


Team Uno-X Carl Ras Roskilde Junior has been a central force in Danish cycling for over 15 years, dedicated to developing young riders and guiding them towards professional success. In 2023, the team celebrated important milestones including a strategic partnership with the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, giving their talented riders even better opportunities.

The successful talent development of the team is reflected in multiple world championships, European gold medals and international victories and podiums. In 2024, their mission remains unchanged: Team Uno-X Carl Ras Roskilde Junior will be at the forefront of talent development and is ready to shape the future of Danish cycling on the global stage, in collaboration with Uno-X.

To date, 16 of the team's riders have turned professional, and many team alumni have made their mark at the highest level. This includes former elite world road cycling champion Mads Pedersen; world and Olympic track champions Lasse Norman Hansen, Julius Johansen and Frederik Rodenberg; junior world road cycling champion Jacob Egholm; and junior world ITT champion Mikkel Bjerg.

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