Jannik Schaufler


Olympic-distance triathlete Jannik Schaufler has been a lover of outdoor sports since his childhood in an active family in the south of Germany. Jannik’s path led him to a boarding school near the Black Forest to combine school with his favourite hobby: Triathlon. After graduating, he kept pursuing that hobby by moving to the national training center in Saarbrücken. Surrounded by the best athletes and coaches, he made great gains in his training. Alongside this, he took on the not-insignificant task of finishing a bachelor’s degree in economics and law at the Saarland University.

After an injury in 2018, Jannik decided a change was needed: With his new coach Philipp Seipp he began a new training program and was rewarded with early success in winning the silver medal at the European U23 Championships. He also took a podium spot at continental cups in Europe, Asia and America. As one of last year’s Super League Series contenders, Jannik today lives in Heidelberg where he ambitiously trains towards his big goal: The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

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