Beltrami TSA - Tre Colli


The Team Beltrami project began in late 2015 when Stefano Chiari and Emanuele Brunazzi founded Team Beltrami TSA - Argon 18 - Tre Colli. The team of high-ranking amateur racers included top Under 23 and Elite athletes. In 2019, after three seasons, the team made the leap into the Continental category. Now competing as Team Beltrami TSA -Tre Colli, the team is in its sixth year as a UCI Continental cycling team.

The team’s main focus is the development of young talent, with many riders having moved on to professional or World Tour teams. The 2023 season saw the team achieve victories at the Sulle Strade di Marco Pantani, Giro della Franciacorta, Giro del Veneto stage 4, and GP Varignana. The 2024 season will continue this focus on athlete development and top performance at the Continental level.

Career Highlights