Beltrami TSA - Tre Colli


The "Team Beltrami" project began in late 2015 when Stefano Chiari and Emanuele Brunazzi founded what, from 2016 to 2018, was called Team Beltrami TSA - Argon 18 - Tre Colli. The team was composed of high-ranking amateur racers including top Under 23 and Elite athletes. After three seasons, the team made the leap in 2019 into the Continental category as Team Beltrami TSA - Hopplà - Petroli Firenze. The team set as its main goal the development of young talent, gradually introducing these cyclists to the professional world. In 2020, thanks to a collaboration with N.T. Cycling (a Venetian sports club that has existed for almost twenty years), the team became Team Beltrami TSA - Marchiol, continuing its commitment to professional cycling among Italian Continental teams. Beginning in 2021, the official name became Team Beltrami TSA - Tre Colli.

Career Highlights