Argon 18 Announces European Headquarters

Montreal (Canada), January 27, 2021 - Argon 18 is thrilled to announce the establishment of its new European headquarters in Lynge, Denmark. The bike manufacturer has merged operations with United Cycling, formerly Argon 18’s official distributor in Scandinavia, to create Argon 18 Europe. The move will provide a centralised distribution, warehousing and customer service hub to better serve international partners, while Argon 18’s global headquarters remain in Montreal, Canada, where the company was founded in 1989.

“Since joining Argon 18 in 2019, my major focus has been on improving customer experience at all levels,” says Martin Le Sauteur, CEO of Argon 18. “This new structure will allow us to better serve our European customers, including our business partners and, most importantly, our end customers.”
    PHOTO: Pété Photographie
    PHOTO: Peter Ebro

    Argon 18 Experience Centers
    Left: Experience Center in Montreal, Canada. Right: Experience Center in Lynge, Denmark.

    The move allows the company to integrate operational systems, including purchasing and distribution, producing valuable efficiencies globally.

    “Given the challenges of the past year, to be able to quickly find these efficiencies and establish them for the long term is crucial,” says Le Sauteur. “I’m very pleased to say that Argon 18 is moving forward with a structure that will safeguard us against future disruptions.”

    With this improved operational model, Argon 18 Europe will now be in a better position of expand its offering. A European marketing team will also directly serve to expand the brand presence throughout the region, again with a focus on premium customer experience to match Argon 18’s premium products.

    “Argon 18 already has a strong presence globally, and our new European headquarters will simply further strengthen it,” say Argon 18 Chairman, Henrik Lyngbye Pedersen. “We look forward to providing even more service and support to our current global network of distribution and business partners and continuing to grow our family of riders.”

    About Argon 18

    Established in 1989, Argon 18 bikes are proudly designed and engineered in Montreal, Canada. Sophisticated, innovative and technologically advanced, Argon 18 bikes are built around the cyclist, with handling, aerodynamics and human performance at the core of the design. Argon 18 bikes are sold in more than 80 countries and can be found on countless roads, tracks, and trails around the world.