Argon Oneness System

The Integration of Aerodynamics and Comfort

Argon 18’s Oneness system allows the rider to benefit from precise positioning, high stiffness, leading-edge aero, and travel-friendly assembly.

Bayonet fork for stiffness and aero

Using a bayonet fork, our pro-level triathlon bikes offer the highest possible power transfer and stiffness. As it smooths the bike’s front end and makes first contact with the air, the bayonet fork also provides an aero advantage.

Maximum cockpit adjustability - Perfect fit

Adjustable stack, wide bridge angle, and a multitude of positioning options for armrest pads.

Travel friendly assembly design

Mounted and dismounted in only a few steps, E-119 and E-118 Oneness systems can be disassembled by removing only 6 and 5 screws respectively.