New Generation Time Trial Bike to Start the Giro

Ahead of tomorrow’s start of the 102nd Giro d’Italia in Bologna, Astana Pro Team is warming up for the 21 stages across Italy. The team is ready for the first Grand Tour of the season, which will be held from May 11th to June 2nd. The Grande Partenza is here and so is the new E-118 Pro.

Our World Tour partnership with Astana Pro Team is a perfect opportunity to push ourselves tirelessly in order to provide athletes with state-of-the-art products designed to exceed their needs and expectations. Because every possible performance gain will make a difference in the toughest races, we made it our top priority from the very start of our collaboration to supply these riders with faster, more aero and better handling bikes.

A little over a year ago, Astana Pro Team came to us with a request to refine our TT bike. The objective was clear: shave seconds on the TT stages in Grand Tours. Our new E-118 platform is the result this collaboration with them regarding specific time trial needs. They wanted the bike to be lighter, faster, with more aggressive riding positioning options.

Photos by: Zuperdehlie


In the design phase, we used computer simulations to benchmark concepts, help us define a new pro-level carbon lay-up and integrate disc brakes without penalizing aero performance. We also made it our top priority to listen to both staff and riders so that we could gather product feedback at every opportunity and take it into account in our design process.

Once we settled on a final design and carbon lay-up, we supplied Astana Pro Team with prototypes to be tested and validated by team members in the velodrome and on the road. In October 2018, Hugo Houle was the first rider of the team to test a E-118 Pro prototype in the velodrome in Canada. In December, Gorka Izagirre tested in the velodrome and on the roads of Spain.

“After going to the velodrome to test the new TT bike and going out on the road in real conditions, I could feel a clear advantage using the new bike. The course we used on the road was not totally flat, because we wanted to test cornering, accelerations, handling among other things. I like the E-118 Pro a lot. I am more stable, have better acceleration and cornering, and feel faster overall”

– Gorka Izagirre, Astana Pro Team

We corroborated the gains that we were seeing in simulations: riders were gaining an average of 8 to 10 watts at 50 km/h compared to their previous bike, the E-118 Next. It became clear that our new disc-equipped TT bike was faster than the previous generation.

Photos by: Zuperdehlie


Our no-compromise Time Trial bike developed with and for Astana Pro Team allows superior handling and exceptional responsiveness, corners better and climbs like no other bike in its category. The frontal area of the bike as been completely renewed, starting with the new version of our full-carbon handlebar and stem combo. While maintaining its stiffness, it allows a lower fit window, making it easier for riders to get into an aero position and reduce the drag of the handlebar. Combined with new armrest cups and pads locking down the forearms at the extension bars for better front-end control.

“The new E118 Pro is the result of the optimal collaboration between a bike manufacturer and a pro cycling team. There have been numerous exchanges between the riders and technical staff of Astana Pro Team and our R&D team in order to design the next level of Time Trial bike. Our partnership allowed us to challenge ourselves to reach new levels and now, with this new bike, we look forward to many more victories.”

– Gervais Rioux, Founder Argon 18

Photos by: Zuperdehlie


Miguel Angel Lopez, leader of Astana Pro Team at the 102nd Giro d’Italia, was the first rider of the team to transition onto the final iteration and UCI-approved version of the E-118 Pro. The 25-year-old Colombian has already proved himself as a solid contender for the top step of the podium at Grand Tours. Lopez hopes to save as many seconds as possible on the three-time trial stages in the upcoming weeks to get as close as possible to wearing La Maglia Rosa.

“I have been using the E-118 Pro in Colombia during a few training sessions and quickly noticed the improvements. The new bike is much more comfortable and steering the bike is also easier in the descents. I am happy that the bike offers a better fit window for smaller riders like myself, especially with the cockpit, it allows me to get in a better aero position. Now, I am waiting for the start of this Giro d’Italia with great interest and impatience!”

– Miguel Angel Lopez, Astana Pro Team

This year’s Giro d’Italia will feature close to 60 kilometers against the clock. Most of it won’t be on flat courses, many sections will be through mountainous terrain, so climbers and GC contenders will hope to limit their time losses. This Saturday, Bologna hosts the Big Start with an 8.2km hilly individual time trial. The finale is a 2.1 km climb with a gradient of 8-9%. Stage 9 is a 34.8 km individual time trial, starting on a slight incline for 22 km, all the way to the final 12 km climb. As riders enter San Marino the course will point uphill, with a section kicking up to 9.4%. The final stage, a 17km ITT, will take place on Sunday June 2, in Verona.

Kicking off the Grande Partenza, we wish good luck to all Astana Pro Team riders and all the support staff. The TT version of the E-118 platform is now ready to tackle the biggest races cycling offers. The Triathlon version of the very same bike, the E-118 Tri+ will become available for purchase in 2020.